Active Admin custom JavaScript for diverse pages

Active Admin provides fancy language to implement admin interface fast. But sometimes it would be very helpful to have an ability to add some custom JavaScript to diverse pages and actions.

For example, we have file articles.rb in app/admin folder. And we want to add some custom JS only to edit action, for example. Of course, we can manipulate JavaScript adding one in config/active_admin.rb:

  config.register_javascript 'custom_javascript.js'

But it would be awesome to add per page javascript for separate action (‘edit’ as you remember). During my research and googling I found one hack to implement such functionality:

Put layout.rb into app/admin folder with this content:

  module ActiveAdmin::Views::Pages::BaseExtension
    def add_classes_to_body
      @body.set_attribute "data-controller", params[:controller].gsub(/^admin\//, '')
      @body.set_attribute "data-action",     params[:action]
  class ActiveAdmin::Views::Pages::Base
    # mixes in the module directly below the class
    prepend ActiveAdmin::Views::Pages::BaseExtension

Add to app/assets/javascripts/

  ActiveAdmin = {
    dashboard: {},
    articles: {}

  ActiveAdmin.articles.edit = () ->

  $(() ->
    controller = $('body').data('controller')
    action = $('body').data('action')
    ActiveAdmin[controller][action]() if ActiveAdmin[controller]? && ActiveAdmin[controller][action]?

Well, that’s it.

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