Golang and OpenAPI(Swagger). How to create documentation for your REST API services

With popularity of building and maintaining REST API services written with Go, developers face with the problems of documenting it. Swagger (Open API initiative) is a framework for describing your API and making it interactive using text-representative yaml or json format that can be understood by developers and non-developers. Benefits of documenting API using swagger:

Game of Code Review. How code review can improve the health of your team

In fact code review process is a part of agile workflow when developers can spread their skillset across of the team making them more self-organized and responsible. It allows the team to learn better the code base, explore new technologies and gives an overview of a project, which means everyone knows what happens in the whole project not only the code one owns.

Active Admin custom JavaScript for diverse pages

Simple hack to add per page JS to active admin

The easiest way to localize SPA application using polyglot.js

The simplest way to localize your modern single page application